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50 Years of Experience and Counting...

Stephen Coulter



I am a retired first responder. For the past several years, I have been talking to my friends and other duck hunters about an idea I had for a waterfowl guide service. This service would provide hunts on Lake Erie and the Ohio River. The hunts would be priced so that two hunters, who have not hunted waterfowl and want to experience waterfowl hunting, can have a hunt without a large expense. Also, experienced hunters that wanted to try a different style hunting could do so without having to find three or more friends to go with them. It is also a reasonable way for waterfowlers, who hunt small waters or fields, to experience big water without having to buy a large boat and a lot of decoys. This year we will be layout shooting on the Ohio River when conditions are safe and hunters wish to try it.

I have been hunting waterfowl for 50 years. I started out following my father jump shooting wood ducks along creeks in Central Ohio when the limit was one wood duck. I have hunted in about 20 states and two foreign countries. I am a licensed Coast Guard Captain and a licensed guide in West Virginia. In fact, I might be the only licensed waterfowl guide on the Ohio River in West Virginia.