Description of The Hunt

Lake Erie

All Lake Erie hunts will be by boat and be conducted on the shoreline along breakwalls or points. Also, hunts could be in Sandusky Bay depending on winds and location of birds. Possible waterfowl that hunted are puddle ducks, but most will be divers. Hunters wishing to harvest birds to mount should book dates in December. However, hunting is excellent in October and November. Chest waders are not needed, but warm waterproof boots are necessary.

Central Ohio

Hunts in Central Ohio will be on waters around Buckeye Lake and on Buckeye Lake. Rivers might also be hunted. It is possible that small marsh boats will be used depending on location of birds. Chest waders are recommended in the marsh boats. Most hunts will end in the afternoon. A large variety of birds will be harvested.

Ohio River

All Ohio River hunts are boat hunts. Depending on the birds, longs runs might be made on the river so dress warm. Chest waders are recommended, especially if the layout boat is used. Some hunts will also be done in small marsh boats. The Ohio River is a cornucopia of waterfowl. Geese will be taken as well as all species of ducks and mergansers. If you have a bucket list bird I will try and put you on it! Again, the better hunting is later in the season. The waterfowl season on the Ohio River is open when most of the season is closed in Ohio allowing hunters to extend their season.